I had a lot of fun with the acting on these pages, haha.

Speaking of the acting, I feel like I’m missing the perfect platform to give y’all the insight that went into this book. First, some quick history on Dungeon Critters. It all started in 2015 when I was in a Pathfinder group with Natalie when we decided that we like our characters and decided to collaborate on a series of one-off adventures about them. We put out three of these adventures in 2016-2017 before putting a book pitch together that kind of incorporated but also vastly expanded on these characters and stories. The zine issues ended up being a kind of a pilot of sorts but I’m still pretty fond of them, and a lot of the same writing and jokes ended up in the final book version.

As you can see, the final version got heavily expanded on, haha. It’s fun comparing the two though, and what stayed the same and what changed, I’ll probably go more into it as more pages go up. Just don’t assume that what happens in the old version is what happens in this new book, there’s certainly plenty for new and old fans of Dungeon Critters alike to enjoy. I’ve rambled here enough though, catch y’all here on Friday.