Hey guys!! Tomorrow’s August, isn’t that wild? Did you know that there’s now another ARC giveaway through Goodreads? It’s true! There’s 45 physical copies up for grabs! Check it out here!

With that out of the way, let’s talk about The Baron. Just kidding, mostly I wanna talk about the Process™. The pages below were some test pages for the book and was the very first time that Nat and I tried out the “Sara draws the characters/letters, Natalie draws backgrounds/colors” to test out how our styles would mesh. As you may guess, we really latched onto this method, it really highlights both of our strengths. These pages ended up having to be redrawn for the final book, but it’s still really fun to see!

I definitely improved my lettering since then, wow. (Also, a Natalie Note™: I’m glad we changed/redid this! The Baron is TOO threatening here- we really got a better handle on this character’s vibe later. Why are his teeth so big this early in the heist? etc etc) I also forgot that apparently The Baron had a personal yacht somewhere in this draft. RIP to the Foxworthy Yacht.

And that’s it from us! See you Monday!