Happy Friday!! Have you checked out the character page yet? Nat and I were really excited and went and made all new art for it with a fun little spin. Here’s Chirp’s, the rest are on the page to check out.

It was really fun figuring out all the different handwriting and little bonus jokes to sneak in there for the characters. Also as a bonus: we have a blank template for anyone out there that would like to draw their own Crittersona!

(Click HERE for a full size image of the template, we also made a black and white version for those that may way to print it out HERE)

A Crittersona can be you, your pet, an original character, or whoever, reimagined in the world of Dungeon Critters. If you do end up using this template, please tweet it to us @sgoetter or @snarlbear and/or (preferably both!) use the #Crittersona . I’ll gladly RT it! If you don’t wanna tweet, you can just print it out and show your friends! Have fun! I’ll see you all on Monday.