Happy Labor Day!! Feels good to take it easy.

The dialogue for this page took me forever to get down just right–I must’ve rewritten the dialogue at least 5 times as I was drawing this page before I was happy with it. Villain speeches are hard, especially this one: leading up to this I pretty exclusively portrayed the Baron as a pretty goofy character but on this page I wanted it to be known that even if the other characters don’t take him seriously, he certainly is. But also, still gotta have a goofy “WORLD DOMINATION” letter in the background so that it’s not too serious. I mean, this is still the Baron. He’s not allowed to be too cool.

With that out of the way: First Second is running a new sweepstakes for a copy of Dungeon Critters! Before it was just for an Advanced Reader Copy, but now this’ll be for the real deal. You can enter and read more details about the sweepstakes here.

That’s it from me, I’ll see you all on Friday. Hope you’re all getting to relax.