It’s a 2 page update this week, which just so happens to be a 2 page spread! You can view the spread at full size here.

It’s Monday!! The Dungeon Critters Digital ARC Sweepstakes is still going on, you can enter HERE. Since this page is very heavy on the backgrounds I (Sara, who’s generally in charge of this website) asked Natalie to talk about this spread a bit:

Hi Readers!!! Natalie here- you may have seen this page before, because this was one of my favorite pages in the book for a long time! In general I LOVE ballroom sequences; drawing dancing characters in fancy gala outfits is a lot of fun…there’s a lot of good emotional intrigue to be had there. I use fancy parties very often in my work because I love the DRAMA.

Generally Sara does the characters and I do the bgs, but for some crowd scenes like this one I get to design and draw some cute background characters. Sara drew the important characters (circled in white). The rest I made up based on friends, pets, characters, or just plain interesting animals I wanted to draw as one-off extras. I still really like the peacock and fennec fox couple….maybe we’ll put them in a different story someday.

Although, to be honest, I completely forgot they existed in the time between drawing this page and writing up the commentary for this post….whoops.

Thanks for reading! The next few updates have a new character in them! – Natalie